Play Therapy with Dr Jen

About Dr.Jen

Hi! I’m Dr. Jen! I’m a play therapist and child development expert in the Tampa, Florida area, who helps children be their best, happiest, calmest, and most confident selves. Maybe your child seems anxious, defiant, depressed, angry, and/or throws tantrums; perhaps there has been a major life change in your family (a move, divorce, etc.), or you might not be sure what has led to a behavioral change in your child.

Whatever your concerns, I assure you that it is not too late, and your child is not “unfixable.” Children and families come as they are, because I am warm, nonjudgmental and optimistic. I believe in having open and frequent communication with parents, and when parents request further support, I provide parent training, suggestions, and tips/strategies that can be used at home.